Fake Pics

Here is the list of up to date fake success stories pics. Thanks to all the hard work from Honeybee at LCF for compiling them all. She also takes the time to keep all the pertanant info up to date. Great job, Honeybee.

Please no onecontact the sites!! At this time it would be best NOT to contact them. This is to avoid the pic being removed from the site..
HERE IS THE CONFIRMED LIST OF FAKE SUCCESS STORIES FROM KIMKINS- A LINK TO KIMKINS “SUCCESS STORY” AND LINK TO OTHER WEBSITES INCLUDED FOR VERIFICATION****To see the Full list click the “continue reading” option at the bottom right handside of the page**

“The Kimmer”

Russian Bride link-Lesya
one wife
Kimkins homepage changed-
but screen shots available

Kimmer Woman’s World
Russian bride link- Hotrussianbrides Profile Page
Full Length pic-Tatiana
Also seen here- Tatiana

Christy’s Success
International link-Olga
Kimkins- Success Story

Dina’s Success
International Link-Liudmila
Kimkins-Success Story

Annette’s Success
International Link- Svetlana
Kimkins-Success Story

Victoria’s success
International link- Olga
kimkins- Success Story

Jillian’s Success-
International link-Larisa
International Link#2-Raisa
Kimkins- Success Story

Joann’s Success
International link-Elena
Kimkins-Success Story

International Link#1-Svetlana International Link#2- Ulyana
kimkins-Success Story

Cammy’s Success
International link-#1 Lyudmila
International link-#2 Elena
Kimkins-Success Story

Anne’s Success
International link-Svetlana
Kimkins-Success Story

Lori’s Success
International Link-Galina
kimkins-Success Story

Lucy’s Success
International link-#1Elena
International link-#2 Yulia
Kimkins- Success Story

Lydia’s Success
International Link-Tatiana
Kimkins-Success Story

Nikki’s Success
International link- Lyudmila
Kimkins-Success Story

Catherine’s Success
International Link-Irina
International link-Ludmila
Kimkins-Success Story

Brad’s Success
International link-Ser Petr
Kimkins-Success Story

Ray’s Success
International link #1-Joseph
International link #2 mark-anthony
Kimkins-Success Story

Susan’s Success
International Link #1-Odessa
Russian Link#2-Svetlana
Kimkins-Success Story

Genevieve’s Success
Russian Link-Viktoria
Kimkins-Success Story

Jasmine’s Success

International Link-Tatyana
Kimkins-Success Story

Melissa’s Success
International Link-Lucy
Kimkins- Success Story

Roz’s Success

International Link-Zoechka
Kimkins-Success Story

Vanessa Kimkins Affiliate
International link-Elena

Kandi’s Success
International link-Viktoria
Kimkins-Success Story

Claudia’s Success
International link-Irina
Kimkins-Success story

Stefania’s Success
International link #1-Larisa
International link #2-Ludmila
Kimkins-Success Story

Rob’s Success
International link-Alain
Kimkins-Success Story

Raquel’s Success
International link-Larisa
International Link#2-Larissa
Kimkins- Success Story

Marisol’s Success
International Link-Elena
Kimkins-Success Story

Al’s Success

International link-Ramon
KimkinsSuccess Story

Bud’s Success
International Link-Vladimir
Kimkins-Success Story

Greg’s Success
International Link#1-Nicholas
International Link #2 Benoit
Kimkin’s-Success Story

Lisa V’s Success
International Link#1-Marina
Internationl Link#2-Anna
Kimkins-Sucess Story

3 Responses

  1. It was the well-known Proust who believed that the proper journey of discovery
    isn’t consisted of searching for new landscapes,
    but rather in having new eyes. Thank you so much for openning my
    eyes and offering me new vision.

  2. how could she not realise that all these pics look different LOL

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