The Dirty Dozen of 2010

Congratulations, Kimmer!  Another dubious honor for Heidi Diaz and Kimkins is being #5 in The Dirty Dozen of 2010.  And this time, she is not alone!  Coming in at #8 is Women’s World Magazine  and Bauer Publishing!

Women’s World Magazine deserves an extra helping of shame by the way.  After being a catalyst in the success of the Kimkinz diet (#5 above), they offered an apology for their extraordinary cover claims.  They say that your trust means everything to them, but they still advertised the Kimkinz diet, a diet based upon less than 500 calories a day as ‘better than gastric bypass’.  It is really hard to read those 2 thoughts in one sentence.  Again, all of this was in 2007, so why Women’s World Magazine in 2010?

Even after apologizing for what was clearly non-existent reporting work and extreme hyperbole, Women’s World Magazine has continued to report on diets with the same style, shouting out extraordinary successes as if they are routine and even guaranteed.  This year we had the ‘lose 11 pounds a week on Dr. Oz’s easy detox diet’, ’0.85$ miracle breakfast will MELT OFF 40 LBS!’, and ‘THE JUICE THAT MELTS BELLY FAT-drink 2 glasses a day -and lose 9 lbs and 3″ in a week!’. These claims are crap.  Inside you will see some sensible diet advice coupled with one individual story of a person’s extreme weightloss.  This wouldn’t pass muster with the FTC in terms of diet claims, but because they are selling magazines, and indirectly selling the fad diet, they get away with it, and this isn’t even looking at the other insane claims they make on their covers nor the diet advice coupled with the pictures of cupcakes and desserts that seem to coexist, on the cover at least.

Heidi Diaz Is Rogues Gallery Nominee!

Congratulations Kimmer on your nomination to the Rogues Gallery!  You are such a winner!

In her deposition she admitted to lying and falsifying claims for the diet.

Skip ahead to the end of the trial, which was recent, 3 years after these people started to go after the Kimmer and the court finds that Heidi Diaz is a liar and a fraud.  She has ripped off members for 1.8 million dollars (at least, she plays so stupid in court it is infuriating) and  on top of the 1.8 million dollar award, the court adds an unprecedented  $500,000 in punitive damages.  You can read the transcript here and if you want to see what the worst of the worst humans are like, you should read this.

The thank you from the lawyer who led the class action suit against her is here.

If you want to see a video of the whole story there is a great one here complete with a long interview from John Tiedt, the same lawyer above.

If all of this is not enough to put Heidi in the Rogues Gallery, there are claims that Heidi Diaz also collected money for foster kids that don’t exist (these could be connected to the false job she claimed she had helping foster kids).