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How Did Kimkins Fly Under My Radar?

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How Did Kimkins Fly Under My Radar?

By Laura Moncur @ 5:00 am — Filed under:

Kimkins makes some big claims

I have to admit, until a couple of days ago, I had never heard of Kimkins. It’s a website and blog that promotes a very low fat and calorie diet with some amazing claims. It’s just the kind of thing that I would shake my head about, “200 pounds in 11 months? Gimme a break!”

Thing is, I didn’t shake my head at all. I never even noticed Kimkins.

Now that Kimkins has imploded and the writer of the blog, Heidi Diaz, has been accused of being a fraud, it’s just ANOTHER story of someone trying to take your money.

My question: Why didn’t I notice Kimkins? How did Kimkins fly under my radar?

I have a weakness for quick fixes. In the past, I was constantly searching for a quick fix. A few years ago, Kimkins would have been something that I looked at, knowing that it probably was a scam, but hoping it was true and TEMPTED. Yes, a few years ago, the claims of Kimkins would have tempted me.

Just look at the before and after picture of “Kimmer”:

Alleged Kimmer Before and After Photos

I would have looked at those as if they were proof. The photo on the left has been identified as Heidi Diaz, from her photo, but the photo on the right is said to be from a Russian brides site.

A few years ago, I would have been researching Kimkins and desperately trying to figure out how they were trying to rip me off. I would have known it wasn’t real, but I would be just as eagerly hoping that it was.

Somehow, I never noticed it.

I guess I’ve stopped looking for that quick fix. I KNOW how to lose weight. I KNOW how to eat healthy. I KNOW that the program that I follow works when I follow it, so I’ve stopped looking for the next diet. Kimkins totally flew under my radar and I couldn’t be happier about it now.

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Response from Dr. Mark

Dr. Mark T. Brinson DOM, CNMT Seminar Schedule for Manual Medicine

I just received this email in response to an inquiry I made:

Subject: It is me

I must say that I never expected such a quick and strange response to my postings on kimkins web site.

I only know of Kimkins what I have read from the site itself, as of four days ago. It seems as though it is a carb restrictive plan that is meant to be temporary and allows for unlimited protein….therefore not restricting calories. Seems like a decent plan to me, especially for the morbidly obese. People 50 lbs or more overweight are in a serious, life threatening condition that should be treated with urgency.

Is is what I give my patients, no. I do metabolic typing that is much more specific and personal.

My role, as I see it, in the Kimkins site is not to defend the site or the diet. It is to help people along the path with questions they may have about side effects and implementing “life” into their new program.

Again, I am not aware of the programs past, only the present things I “see” while online. I am in the profession to help as many people as possible and have always been known for that. I have seen Kimkins forum as another means of accomplishing this goal.

I assure you, as with everything else in my career, I will look into the diet more extensively. I will look into the integrity of the organization. I will try to descern if “mistakes” have been made and they are moving forward……..Basically, if their heart is in the right place (not talking about anatomically here).

I appreciate your concerns. Please realize that I too, care for my patients, and the weight loss community with all my being. I just want to help people get the answers and results they deserve.



Mark T. Brinson DOM, AP, CNMT
Doctor of Oriental Medicine
Physical Medicine Specialist


One can only hope that Dr. Mark DOES “look into the diet more extensively” AND “look into the integrity of the organization”.  And hopefully, his Kimkins salary will not impair his eyesight.

I guess we’ll just have to stay tuned to see how this unfolds.

Congratulations, Kimkins!

You made the TOP 10!

 You should be VERY proud!

Kimkins Report Card

Another RED Letter day for Heidi! 

Kimkins Get’s an “F“!

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Introducing “Kimmer”

It was only a matter of time

 until the REAL identity of the Lady in Red was finally discovered! 

Meet Lesya!

 Here she is, courtesy of Kimkins Exposed!

To All the Remaining Kimkins Members

An open letter to all the remaining Kimkins Members from Ladyred:


The Accolade

Friday, October 5, 2007

To All the Remaining Kimkins Members

I sincerely hope that I am speaking to myself and there are none of you left.

With the announcement from yesterday it seems pretty clear cut that the Bitch From Hell has sold you all down the river! She has split!! Most people seem to think that this is just a fictitious buyout so she can keep taking cash and giving her crappy diet advice. ME I am NOT SO SURE!

My God look at the scam she has managed to pull off! You think she couldn’t find someone to buy this business from her? Don’t be to sure there are plenty of other countries who don’t work with the US on matters of fraud or even indecency on the internet.

I happen to know since my own non profit organization is being used as a pawn to draw people to a pedophiles website. I can do nothing about it because they are in another country that does not care about the US laws. Why are they using my website? Because if has pictures of missing children on it. In fact they are using many of the missing child websites as a kind of shopping catalog for the pedophiles that frequent their website.

So don’t be to sure that Kimmer hasn’t managed to pull another fast one!! If you are still at Kimkins you need to get the hell out and stop defending someone who thinks you are no better than the dirt on her shoes, your loyalty has been used to keep this woman rocking and rolling in the bucks for many more months than she should have.

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The Private Investigator’s Notes

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