do we encourage you to Say “NO” to Kimkins? 

  Because…   Kimmer SAID she was the lady on the left,

but in reality she IS the lady on the right.

 Because…   Kimmer tried to convince us that she was NOT Heidi Diaz,

even going so far as to call herself Kim Drake in the Woman’s World Magazine,

but she only finally admitted she really IS Heidi Diaz

under oath at the Deposition.


Because…  She lied about losing 198 lbs. in 11 months by following her diet,

even though she apparently never lost any weight on her diet,

but encouraged other people to follow that same starvation diet,

encouraging people to cut their calories further and further

until they became sick.


Because…  She sold lifetime memberships to her website,

but banned you if you questioned her identity, her diet,

her “after pictures” or those of other “success stories”,

or even posted on any other forums

proving the “lifetime membership” was only for as long as you remained in her favor.


 Because…  she promised, as part of your lifetime membership, a Kimkins ebook

which when it finally materialized after months and months,

was in reality only a one page advertisement for Kimkins.


Because…  she preys on the overweight who are only looking for a way to lose weight,

and we don’t want anyone else to endanger their health

or their life by following Kimkins.


Because…  the new year is rapidly approaching

and bringing with it plenty of people making new year’s resolutions

who will be looking on the Internet for ways to lose weight

and we need to do what we can to warn them

about the dangers of the Kimkins Diet Scam

and the fraud being committed by Heidi Diaz.


Because…  we don’t want anyone else to fall for this scam,

or become a victim of her fraud.


Please Say “NO” To Kimkins!




“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil

is that good men do nothing.”

~ Edmund Burke ~

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