Heidi Makes Third Round of Rogue’s Gallery

After her earlier nomination and being a part of The Dirty Dozen of 2010, Heidi has been inducted into the Third Class of the Rogue’s Gallery!

Heidi Diaz

The Rogues Gallery was designed to hold people like Heidi Diaz.  She had no problem being the first person to snuggle up to the otherwise reviled Kevin Trudeau.  She duped people out of money, she lied about a diet that was found to be unhealthy and has since modified the diet and continues to try to sell it.  She asked people to send her cheques when the court ordered her Paypal account money because she claimed that was the only money she had.  She lied so often and so poorly it is amazing that she is not sitting in jail.  You can read about the whole thing here.  She is an unrepentant con woman who continues to operate her website, but now she has finally added the court ordered warning to her page.  It is in the barely visible colour of off-white on a white background.

Seriously, her own webpage says she has engaged in false advertising fraudulent business practices.  At this point if you are stupid enough to fall for her pile of lies you really are on your own…