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An Update On The Kimkins Lawsuit With Christin Sherburne (Episode 163) | The Livin La Vida Low-Carb Show

christin An Update On The Kimkins Lawsuit With Christin Sherburne (Episode 163) 

In today’s episode, Jimmy talks with Christin Sherburne, former cover-girl for Heidi Diaz’s Kimkins diet scheme that hit the big time last year after landing on the cover of Woman’s World magazine. Besides appearing on the cover of that issue of the popular national women’s magazine in support of “Kimmer’s” diet plan, Christin also worked directly for Heidi as the Kimkins PR representative for a few months.

But it was in the process of trying to defend the Kimkins diet and the obvious evasiveness in answering direct questions about the plan by Diaz/Kimmer that she realized there was no scientific basis or medical support for what is now commonly understood to be an extremely low-calorie fat-free, carb-free starvation diet. Amazingly, despite all of the public knowledge about how dangerously unhealthy this diet is and that the founder blatantly lied about losing 200 pounds when in fact she did not, there are still people deeply entrenched in this scam. Christin is hoping this podcast today will open the eyes of those who feel trapped into thinking Kimkins is their only way.

Listen in for Christin’s take on the current class action lawsuit against Heidi Diaz, how she came to grips with realizing that her job as the public relations spokesperson for Kimkins was a sham, and how driven she is to now make sure everyone knows about what Kimkins really is and contrasting that with what a healthy diet looks like. Whether you have been following the Kimkins saga or not, this is sure to be an insightful and informative interview that you’re gonna want to hear.

Disclaimer: Neither Jimmy Moore or Christin Sherburne currently endorse the Kimkins diet. On the contrary, we recommend avoiding it like the plague.

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Thank you Jimmy and Christin for helping get the word out about the dangerous Kimkins Diet Scam.


Folks, if you or someone you know has been a victim of the Kimkins Diet Scam, please consider joining the Kimkins Class Action Lawsuit.

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