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Headline Legal News – Kimkins Diet Scam

Steve Murphy interviews
Attorneys John Tiedt and Michael Cohen;
Dr. Americo Simonini;
and former Kimkins member, Terry Lind,
about the Kimkins Diet Scam.

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You can read the transcript of the show here:

Kimkins Analogy

What does this picture have to do with Kimkins, you say?

Be sure to check out this great analogy:

An Analogy Kimkins Controversy – Kimkins Scam

I think they really hit the nail on the head with this one! Don’t you agree?

AmyB talks to Jimmy Moore about Kimkins

Be sure to listen to what AmyB has to say about her Kimkins experience:

The Livin La Vida Low-Carb Show » Interview: AmyB Speaks Out On The Kimkins Debacle (Episode 123)

Special thanks to Elle from “Grilled Cheese with Pickles,” for the full transcript of this podcast.

 Check out AmyB’s blog.

Happy Easter, Everyone!

Thank you SO much for this quote:
“No one could make a greater mistake
than he who did nothing
because he could do only a little.”

(Edmund Burke)

If we all “do only a little”, imagine the progress if you look at all those “little” efforts combined.

If we each hadn’t done our little part along the way, we wouldn’t be nearly this close to achieving our goal.

Please don’t ever think “Oh, I can’t do much, so why should I bother?” Where would we be if Jeanessa had said that? If Paula Jayne and so many others had said that?

Even if you aren’t the one who found the red dress Kimmer; each of us here still can make contributions. So what if you aren’t an anti-kk blogger; each post here has furthered the thread, hasn’t it? So you don’t consider yourself a “duck”; by being here, reading and posting, you are supporting the ducks. Each time you give someone an “atta girl” or encourage someone when they have shared something they found with the list; you are helping to ensure that such searches continue. So what if you can only pull one little “weed”; just imagine how many other “weeds” that small act has prevented from popping up elsewhere? Even if you only write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper, or send an email with a few links to your local news station; stand back and look at the ripple effect you are creating. KTLA started it, FOX followed up on it, GMA joined in, and I don’t believe we’ve seen the end of it yet.

Every “little” thing done along the way has contributed to where we are today.

So, if you look at that list that John sent out, maybe you don’t have everything on it, but maybe you have one “little” piece of the puzzle. Send it to John. Don’t think someone else is going to send it. YOU send it. Did you write an email to Kimkins to complain about being banned? or to express your concerns about your hair falling out? If so, send it to John. Did you save a comment Heidi made about laxatives? Send it to John.

We can help John put this puzzle together, one “little” piece at a time. If something doesn’t “feel” or “look” right to you, speak out. Post it here. If Paula Jayne hadn’t done that 15 threads ago, what would we be reading today?

I can’t take Kimkins down by myself, and neither can you. I can only do a little; but combined with the little that you can do, and the little that each of us can do; TOGETHER we can make a difference in this fight.

Remember that even if it is only a “little”; it is still a much needed part of the big picture. Don’t discount your part in all this. Don’t be discouraged because you can “only do a little”. Every little bit helps! Every little bit is appreciated, even if no one comes out directly to offer you a pat on the back for what you’ve done; even if what you did wasn’t something you shared with the list here; even if no one may have seen you do it; we still appreciate your efforts. Thank you for being a part of the team!

Thank you to EVERYONE who has not been afraid to “only do a little”.

Happy Easter, Everyone!

It really was a Good Friday!

The judge ruled in our favor today to keep the Writ of Attachment in place.

Here is a link to the letter from John, outlining what happened today, and looking forward. 

from John 3/21

We still have plenty of work to do, as we move closer to class certification.

John still needs our help.

The following is a list of the items we need in order to continue the prosecution of our case:

1.) All screenshots containing false testimonials by Kimmer;

2.) All screenshots containing false testimonials by anyone other than Kimmer;

3.) All screenshots wherein the use of laxatives was advised;

4.) Any and all rumors about the Kimkins diet advocated by Heidi Diaz or any of her alter egos (e.g., Jessica Alba lost weight on Kimkins);

5.) All instances wherein Heidi Diaz used an alter ego/another name to acquire assets;

6.) Any evidence implicating Delaney Deaver in engaging in fraudulent conduct or ratifying fraudulent conduct of Heidi Diaz;

7.) A copy of any letter, email, or any other document sent to Heidi Diaz/ complaining of an adverse event or injury as a result of the Kimkins diet.

If you have any of these, please email them to John at

Thank you very much for your help!

Best wishes to you and your families for this Easter Holiday.

Kimkins on

Laura Dolson from has an update on Kimkins on her blog:

 March 2008 Update on Kimkins Diet Scam

 Thank you, Laura, for helping to keep everyone updated! 

Letter from John Tiedt

To Plaintiff Class Representatives
and Potential Class Members

Re: Fenderson, et al. v. Diaz, et al.

Dear Friends:

We have been quite busy with the discovery process and several law and motion
issues. The purpose of this letter is to bring you up to date.

Read the rest of the Letter from John Tiedt here:  class-letter-031308.pdf

Thank you, John, for sharing the news with all of us, and for ALL your hard work to see that justice is served in this case.

Folks, if you are a former member of Kimkins, and would like to be part of the Kimkins Class Action Lawsuit, be sure to visit the website for all the information.  Joining the Lawsuit, is very easy to do, plus there is a video to help you complete the related paperwork.

Christin Shares ~ Top 10 Things I’ve Learned Since Kimkins

In her recent blog post, The Journey: Happy Anniversary! Christin shares with us the Top 10 Things She’s Learned Since Kimkins:

A year has gone by. I still have a hard time believing it but, it’s been an entire year that I have maintained my 100 pound weight loss. I have a mixed sense of emotions today as I think back over all that has happened this year. I am proud that I lost the weight of course, but not of the method in which I lost it. I am even prouder though that I have persevered and maintained my loss instead of giving up and giving in. I think I have learned more this last year than I have in the last 10 years. So without further ado, a humorous look at 10 things I’ve learned since leaving the Kimkins program.

Top 10 Things I’ve Learned Since Kimkins

10.) Never trust a Russian Bride.

9.) There are many ways to lose weight, starvation included, however not all methods come with a guarantee that you will retain your hair.

8.) I did not get fat eating fruits and vegetables!

7.) God has created a glorious rainbow of nutrition for me to partake in, and He intends for me to utilize it.

6.) I can thoroughly enjoy eating healthfully using all 5 senses, and shift my focus from eating “because it’s there” to indulging in the satisfaction that nourishing my body provides.

5.) There really are real people out there who do not lie about themselves or who they truly are, and they’re pretty darn nice too.

4.) I must be more careful with my money.

3.) Dizziness, nausea, and lightheadedness should NOT accompany NORMAL weight loss methods.

2.) Food is to be savored with anticipation, not feared.

1.) I am worth transforming my view of “me.” If I accept myself for who and what I am, I will only grow happier by treating myself right and losing/keeping weight off permanently for my own health and betterment.

Happy Anniversary, Christin! We’ve ALL learned a lot since Kimkins. For some of us, the lessons have been more costly than for others, but one of the most important things is that we all realize there is a better way; a safer way; a healthier way to lose weight than Kimkins.
Thank you for sharing your Journey with us.

Another Victim of the Kimkins Diet Scam

Not ALL of the victims of the Kimkins Diet Scam are those who paid money to join the site, or followed the dangerous diet advice handed out by Kimmer (aka Heidi Diaz, Kim Drake, et al).

Another victim came forward today.  Deanna Glick from “That’s Fit” was victimized by Ms. Diaz in another way.

But as a victim myself, I am happy to see anything that exposes Kimkins. No, I didn’t pay membership fees and I’ve never followed the “diet.” But the woman running the show did steal my words from another web site to put up on her own. She gave credit to the web site, but not to me. Either way, she never sought permission to publish the article. And when asked to remove it from her site, simply switched the accessibility of the page to members only. I don’t know why she’s so intent on keeping my words for members’ viewing. The article was about managing type 1 diabetes. It must have been the title, Food Frugality, that caught her eye. But as with most words, context is everything.

 Mag apologizes for Kimkins story – That’s Fit

 Unfortunately, Ms. Glick is not the only one to be victimized in this manner, but we will talk more about THAT in future posts.

And she does it AGAIN?!?

Another Kimkins Lie?

Not only does she do it once, but she does it AGAIN?!?

Check it out!

mariasol: Kimmer of Kimkins Lies to the Attorney General!

AND  mariasol: Kimmer Lies to the AG Again

What is she thinking??