Another Victim of the Kimkins Diet Scam

Not ALL of the victims of the Kimkins Diet Scam are those who paid money to join the site, or followed the dangerous diet advice handed out by Kimmer (aka Heidi Diaz, Kim Drake, et al).

Another victim came forward today.  Deanna Glick from “That’s Fit” was victimized by Ms. Diaz in another way.

But as a victim myself, I am happy to see anything that exposes Kimkins. No, I didn’t pay membership fees and I’ve never followed the “diet.” But the woman running the show did steal my words from another web site to put up on her own. She gave credit to the web site, but not to me. Either way, she never sought permission to publish the article. And when asked to remove it from her site, simply switched the accessibility of the page to members only. I don’t know why she’s so intent on keeping my words for members’ viewing. The article was about managing type 1 diabetes. It must have been the title, Food Frugality, that caught her eye. But as with most words, context is everything.

 Mag apologizes for Kimkins story – That’s Fit

 Unfortunately, Ms. Glick is not the only one to be victimized in this manner, but we will talk more about THAT in future posts.