Riverside County Diet Guru Wins Dubius Honor


Riverside County Diet Guru Wins Dubius Honor
Heidi Diaz, (aka Kimmer, Kimberly Drake and many other aliases), the creator of the fraud fraught Kimkins Diet, is not only currently embroiled in the Kimkins Class Action Lawsuit, she has also just won another award:  The 2008 Slim Chance Award for Worst Diet Product.
WORST PRODUCT: Kimkins diet. It must have seemed an easy way to get rich quick. Founder Heidi “Kimmer” Diaz set up a website and charged members a fee to access the Kimkins diet, boasting they could lose up to 5 percent of their body weight in 10 days. “Better than gastric bypass,” there was “no faster diet,” and in fact she herself had lost 198# in 11 months. Stunning “after” photos were displayed. In June 2007 Women’s World ran it as a cover story, and that month alone PayPal records show the Kimkins site took in over $1.2 million. Then users began complaining of chest pains, hair loss, heart palpitations, irritability and menstrual irregularities. This was not surprising since Kimkins is essentially a starvation diet, down to 500 calories per day and deficient in many nutrients (shockingly, laxatives are advised to replace the missing fiber). In a lawsuit, 11 former members are uncovering a vast record of Diez’s alleged fraud. They found that the stunning “after” photos, including one of Kimmer herself, had been lifted from a Russian mail order bride site. According to a deposition reported by Los Angeles TV station KTLA, Diaz admitted using fake pictures, fake stories and fake IDs, and a judge has allowed the litigants to freeze some of her assets.
To see the complete list of 2008 winners go to  Fraud and Quackery
Ms. Diaz is famous for her use of pictures “borrowed” from Russian Bride web sites for her own “after” pictures and for those of the numerous fabricated “success stories” posted on her website.
For $79.95 one can join her website and receive a “lifetime” membership, which is apparently subject to whims of Ms. Diaz.  Those who have questioned the legitimacy of the pictures of the success stories, and/or have questioned the safety of the diet quickly find themselves banned from the website; their lifetime membership terminated.
One can also purchase a book version of Kimkins, with no access to the website, but it has been alleged that no such book even exists, and is just another way that Ms. Diaz is out to scam those who simply just want to lose weight.
It is sadly ironic that the obese Ms. Diaz has chosen to target other obese people with her diet scam.  Ms. Diaz “claimed” to have lost 198 lbs. in 11 months on her Kimkins Diet and kept the weight off for over 5 years, but photographs by a private investigator revealed that Ms. Diaz was not the svelte 118 lbs. beauty she claimed to be, but in fact was a morbidly obese 300+ lb. woman.
Woman’s World Magazine featured the Kimkins Diet in June of 2007 and helped Ms. Diaz scam the nation to the tune of approximately $2 million per month.  Woman’s World Magazine did publish a brief retraction, both in their magazine and on the web, but they have since removed the web page.  Woman’s World is not entirely blameless for their part in all this, as they too published a “Russian Bride” picture instead of one of the diet creator, who claimed her name was Kimberly Drake for the Woman’s World article.  Also, it is alleged that Woman’s World used a very LARGE pair of men’s jeans for the photo shoot involving Christin Sherburne, the Kimkins Cover Girl, for their cover, instead of an actual pair of her own pants the Ms. Sherburne brought with her.
Many of the members who have been locked out of Kimkins have banded together and are pursuing a class action lawsuit against Ms. Diaz and Kimkins.
Ms. Diaz has, however, turned the table on these class members, and is also counter suing them in return.
There are numerous appearances calendared for January 2009 for this case in the Riverside County Court.
It should be interesting to see how this all unravels for Ms. Diaz and her multi million dollar diet scam.

Words of Encouragement from John Tiedt

On Friday, one very tired anti-kk blogger expressed their opinion that it was time for all of us to move on from the Kimkins cause; time to move on to other similar causes. 

However, the Kimkins saga is far from over.  As long as the Kimkins.con site remains up and active, as long as Heidi can charge people to join her site, and can continue to dispense her questionable medical and diet advice; and lie about her weight loss, or lack there of; there is still a need for us to continue our efforts.

The wheels of justice do seem to be moving slowly, and it would be nice to see results happening more quickly.  But since things are not moving so quickly at this point in time, we can take comfort in knowing the wheels of justice ARE moving and moving in the right direction.  Once the momentum gets going, it can only be a matter of time.  This has only been the preliminary phase, setting the stage for the final drama to unfold.  We have all done a lot of work to prepare for this and we should be proud of all we have done.

Once Kimkins.con is no more, and we don’t have to worry about any of the “weeds” luring people into her tangled web; once Kimkins.com displays the 404 error message and we don’t have to worry about the spamming of yahooanswers and craigslist and freecycle and other diet and non-diet message boards to entice people to ante up the $79.95 with her “too good to be true” claims, then maybe we can stop.  But even then, we must watch diligently and be alert to see that Ms. Diaz doesn’t start up another scam, similar to Kimkins or something altogether different.

If you are tired of Kimkins, then by all means, take a break.  We’ve been at this for quite a while now, so a break is certainly well deserved.  But please don’t expect all of us to give up the fight, and please don’t discourage those who are still willing to keep fighting.

Thank you, Mariasol, for you excellent blog post:  mariasol: Tired of Kimkins?

As long as Heidi is out there scamming innocent people whose only mistake was to want to believe in something that truly is too good to be true, then I’ll be here:  Searching for whatever it is that John Tiedt needs for us to find.  Exposing those weeds that need to be pulled.  Sharing the information that needs to be shared.  Ensuring that there is enough truthful infomation available so that others don’t make the mistake of falling for Heidi’s deceptive advertising.  Reminding folks to Say NO to Kimkins.  Encouraging the victims of the Kimkins Scam to join the lawsuit and to share their stories on the Kimkins Survivors blog.

Perhaps it is safe to presume that the lawsuit is paving the way for further litigation with regards to the dangerous Kimkins Diet Scam.  It’s not too far fetched to imagine that other entities are waiting for this to play out before they too move in similar directions.  So, even if there aren’t new developments on a daily basis, things are still moving forward. 

Even the attorney for the Class Action Lawsuit, John Tiedt popped into YustYucky’s blog last night to share these words of encouragement with all of us:




Thank you, John!

Count me in.  I’m here for the duration.

I’m looking forward to hearing how that deposition goes on Thursday, and anxiously awaiting your further reports.

Kimkins Update from Christin

Be sure to listen to Christin’s Interview on “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show With Jimmy Moore!”

An Update On The Kimkins Lawsuit With Christin Sherburne (Episode 163) | The Livin La Vida Low-Carb Show

christin An Update On The Kimkins Lawsuit With Christin Sherburne (Episode 163) 

In today’s episode, Jimmy talks with Christin Sherburne, former cover-girl for Heidi Diaz’s Kimkins diet scheme that hit the big time last year after landing on the cover of Woman’s World magazine. Besides appearing on the cover of that issue of the popular national women’s magazine in support of “Kimmer’s” diet plan, Christin also worked directly for Heidi as the Kimkins PR representative for a few months.

But it was in the process of trying to defend the Kimkins diet and the obvious evasiveness in answering direct questions about the plan by Diaz/Kimmer that she realized there was no scientific basis or medical support for what is now commonly understood to be an extremely low-calorie fat-free, carb-free starvation diet. Amazingly, despite all of the public knowledge about how dangerously unhealthy this diet is and that the founder blatantly lied about losing 200 pounds when in fact she did not, there are still people deeply entrenched in this scam. Christin is hoping this podcast today will open the eyes of those who feel trapped into thinking Kimkins is their only way.

Listen in for Christin’s take on the current class action lawsuit against Heidi Diaz, how she came to grips with realizing that her job as the public relations spokesperson for Kimkins was a sham, and how driven she is to now make sure everyone knows about what Kimkins really is and contrasting that with what a healthy diet looks like. Whether you have been following the Kimkins saga or not, this is sure to be an insightful and informative interview that you’re gonna want to hear.

Disclaimer: Neither Jimmy Moore or Christin Sherburne currently endorse the Kimkins diet. On the contrary, we recommend avoiding it like the plague.

Christin’s page at Jimmy’s forum
Christin’s “The Journey” blog
Jimmy’s list of Kimkins links
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Jimmy Moore





Thank you Jimmy and Christin for helping get the word out about the dangerous Kimkins Diet Scam.


Folks, if you or someone you know has been a victim of the Kimkins Diet Scam, please consider joining the Kimkins Class Action Lawsuit.

Be sure to read more stories about Kimkins Survivors.


San Diego County ~ Any former Kimkins Members

Calling ALL Former Kimkins Members in San Diego County:

If you are a former Kimkins member and you reside in San Diego County, John Tiedt would appreciate hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Please email John or use the Contact Us form on his website.

If you know of any former Kimkins members in San Diego County, please be sure to let them know that John Tiedt is looking for their assistance.

Everyone can help by spreading the word.

Thank you very much for your help.


For those who may not already know, John Tiedt is the lawyer handling the Kimkins Class Action Lawsuit.

I do hope that all former Kimkins members will consider joining the Kimkins Class Action Lawsuit, if you have not already done so. There is strength in numbers.

If you have already joined the Lawsuit via email, please be sure that you get your affidavit to John as soon as possible.

Remember, if you need any help with completing this, be sure to watch the helpful video.

Thank you!


Please feel free to share this with anyone else who might be able to help spread the word.  Thank you!

Kimkins on Insider Exclusive


The Exclusive Stories Behind The Headlines

Headline Legal News – Kimkins Diet Scam

Steve Murphy interviews
Attorneys John Tiedt and Michael Cohen;
Dr. Americo Simonini;
and former Kimkins member, Terry Lind,
about the Kimkins Diet Scam.

Click on the Insider Logo to view the show!

There is also an abbreviated edition

of the same show on YouTube and AOL Video.

You can read the transcript of the show here:

AmyB talks to Jimmy Moore about Kimkins

Be sure to listen to what AmyB has to say about her Kimkins experience:

The Livin La Vida Low-Carb Show » Interview: AmyB Speaks Out On The Kimkins Debacle (Episode 123)

Special thanks to Elle from “Grilled Cheese with Pickles,” for the full transcript of this podcast.

 Check out AmyB’s blog.

Happy Easter, Everyone!

Thank you SO much for this quote:
“No one could make a greater mistake
than he who did nothing
because he could do only a little.”

(Edmund Burke)

If we all “do only a little”, imagine the progress if you look at all those “little” efforts combined.

If we each hadn’t done our little part along the way, we wouldn’t be nearly this close to achieving our goal.

Please don’t ever think “Oh, I can’t do much, so why should I bother?” Where would we be if Jeanessa had said that? If Paula Jayne and so many others had said that?

Even if you aren’t the one who found the red dress Kimmer; each of us here still can make contributions. So what if you aren’t an anti-kk blogger; each post here has furthered the thread, hasn’t it? So you don’t consider yourself a “duck”; by being here, reading and posting, you are supporting the ducks. Each time you give someone an “atta girl” or encourage someone when they have shared something they found with the list; you are helping to ensure that such searches continue. So what if you can only pull one little “weed”; just imagine how many other “weeds” that small act has prevented from popping up elsewhere? Even if you only write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper, or send an email with a few links to your local news station; stand back and look at the ripple effect you are creating. KTLA started it, FOX followed up on it, GMA joined in, and I don’t believe we’ve seen the end of it yet.

Every “little” thing done along the way has contributed to where we are today.

So, if you look at that list that John sent out, maybe you don’t have everything on it, but maybe you have one “little” piece of the puzzle. Send it to John. Don’t think someone else is going to send it. YOU send it. Did you write an email to Kimkins to complain about being banned? or to express your concerns about your hair falling out? If so, send it to John. Did you save a comment Heidi made about laxatives? Send it to John.

We can help John put this puzzle together, one “little” piece at a time. If something doesn’t “feel” or “look” right to you, speak out. Post it here. If Paula Jayne hadn’t done that 15 threads ago, what would we be reading today?

I can’t take Kimkins down by myself, and neither can you. I can only do a little; but combined with the little that you can do, and the little that each of us can do; TOGETHER we can make a difference in this fight.

Remember that even if it is only a “little”; it is still a much needed part of the big picture. Don’t discount your part in all this. Don’t be discouraged because you can “only do a little”. Every little bit helps! Every little bit is appreciated, even if no one comes out directly to offer you a pat on the back for what you’ve done; even if what you did wasn’t something you shared with the list here; even if no one may have seen you do it; we still appreciate your efforts. Thank you for being a part of the team!

Thank you to EVERYONE who has not been afraid to “only do a little”.

Happy Easter, Everyone!

It really was a Good Friday!

The judge ruled in our favor today to keep the Writ of Attachment in place.

Here is a link to the letter from John, outlining what happened today, and looking forward. 

from John 3/21

We still have plenty of work to do, as we move closer to class certification.

John still needs our help.

The following is a list of the items we need in order to continue the prosecution of our case:

1.) All Kimkins.com screenshots containing false testimonials by Kimmer;

2.) All Kimkins.com screenshots containing false testimonials by anyone other than Kimmer;

3.) All Kimkins.com screenshots wherein the use of laxatives was advised;

4.) Any and all rumors about the Kimkins diet advocated by Heidi Diaz or any of her alter egos (e.g., Jessica Alba lost weight on Kimkins);

5.) All instances wherein Heidi Diaz used an alter ego/another name to acquire assets;

6.) Any evidence implicating Delaney Deaver in engaging in fraudulent conduct or ratifying fraudulent conduct of Heidi Diaz;

7.) A copy of any letter, email, or any other document sent to Heidi Diaz/Kimkins.com complaining of an adverse event or injury as a result of the Kimkins diet.

If you have any of these, please email them to John at jtiedt@tiedtlaw.com.

Thank you very much for your help!

Best wishes to you and your families for this Easter Holiday.

Kimkins on About.com

Laura Dolson from About.com has an update on Kimkins on her blog:

 March 2008 Update on Kimkins Diet Scam

 Thank you, Laura, for helping to keep everyone updated! 

Letter from John Tiedt

To Plaintiff Class Representatives
and Potential Class Members

Re: Fenderson, et al. v. Diaz, et al.

Dear Friends:

We have been quite busy with the discovery process and several law and motion
issues. The purpose of this letter is to bring you up to date.

Read the rest of the Letter from John Tiedt here:  class-letter-031308.pdf

Thank you, John, for sharing the news with all of us, and for ALL your hard work to see that justice is served in this case.

Folks, if you are a former member of Kimkins, and would like to be part of the Kimkins Class Action Lawsuit, be sure to visit the website for all the information.  Joining the Lawsuit, is very easy to do, plus there is a video to help you complete the related paperwork.