MCN703, I bet your name isn’t even really Derek, is it?

Thanks to Amykf, we now know where Kimmer (aka Heidi Diaz) “borrowed” the pictures for “Derek“, her latest Kimkins Success Story featured in the Kimkins November Newsletter ., my goodness!  Not even a Russian Groom site?

I wonder how MCN703 will feel when he finds out that Kimkins.con has been using his likeness to promote a diet scam?  How will he feel about the fact that Ms. Diaz possibly used his pictures posted on to fabricate a much heavier ‘before’ picture for her “Derek”?

I bet the folks at won’t be very happy with Ms. Diaz either, when they find out. 

MCN703 (maybe Michael or Mark or Matthew or Miles, even) or Derek, if one of you would kindly get in touch with me, I would love to find out how much you really know about Kimkins, if anything at all. 

It is interesting that Ms. Diaz didn’t quite get all the facts copied exactly, since Derek is 6’2″ tall and MCN703 is only 6’1″ tall.

I wonder how his preference for meat and potatoes fits into the Kimkins Diet though?  Has there been a recent modification posted on the website to include potatoes?