Kimkins Diet – World’s Most Dangerous?


Kimkins Diet – World’s Most Dangerous?

Posted by Casey in Fad diets, Scams on Mar 2nd, 2008 |

kimkinsThe Kimkins diet is one of those truly dangerous fad diets that surface, gets really popular and then scores some bad publicity and fizzles out.

If you haven’t heard about this diet, heres the skinny on what the Kimkins diet is…er…was!

The Kimkins diet became popular in mid 2007 when Heidi Kimberly Diaz who then went by the name “Kimmer” claimed that she had followed a certain low carb diet resulting in 200 lbs in weight loss. The diet was featured in Women’s World magazine and people ate it up.

“Kimmer” who wasn’t even qualified as a nutritionist or doctor seem to be following a variation of another popular fad diet – the Atkins Diet. But her variation seemed to be basically a starvation diet which resulted in health issues which later developed in some of the members who was paying for a subsciption at her membership site.

“Kimmer” herself gained back 100 lbs but said that it had nothing to do with how the Kimkins diet worked. Personal issues was quoted as the cause.

As said before, the Kimkins diet is very dangerous since it is very low in calories, essential fatty acids, low in fiber and a whole lot of other nutrients. This is not the type of diet you want to do as it is medically unsound and potentially fatal.

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