What Kimkins Victims Want You to Know

by Kate Downs, Jun 6, 2008

Victims of the Kimkins weight loss plan won’t satisfied with a class action lawsuit. They’re building websites, blogs and online communities to tell you exactly what they want.
Meet Heidi Diaz, aka “Kimmer”. She is the founder Kimkins, a controversial weight loss plan and pricey online community. She may also be the most notorious “success” story in the history of weight loss scams. She is, without question, one of the most passionately despised personalities in the history of the weight loss industry.
Diaz is currently the subject of a class action lawsuit brought against her in San Diego, California. Multitudes of former Kimkins devotees claim to have been seriously injured by unsound medical advice, unfair business practices, and fraud. They charge that Diaz fabricated a success story (her own), and then used that story to sell an expensive program that, for many, resulted in hair loss, fainting, and other medical complications.
In addition to legal action, many former Kimkins dieters have committed themselves to warning others through blogs, forums and websites. This is necessary, in part, to alert other Kimkins victims of their legal rights. More importantly, they feel an obligation to warn others of the hazzards of the Kimkins weight loss plan. Why? Because the catastrophic program is still in business and still turning a profit.
The Kimkins website, the heart of the Diaz money monster, hasn’t skipped a beat. As of June, 2008, the site still touts the unique advantages of joining their program. The site is still capable of processing $79.95 credit card payments for the privilege of accessing their forum and other limited diet resources. The most obvious change, one no first-time visitor would notice, is the absence of any reference to “Kimmer” or her amazing claims of diet success.
The Kimkins cash-cow continues in spite of reality. Even though its founder, Diaz, admitted in a sworn deposition that her claims and promotions were fraudulent. In November of 2007, Diaz admitted to lying about her diet success and the general efficacy of her weight loss plan. She also admitted to using photos stolen from other sites and using them for promotional materials. One of those images was published in a flattering Woman’s World Magazine cover story about the diet plan. Woman’s World Magazine has since retracted its endorsement of the plan and apologized to its readers.
Diaz, in her deposition, also admitted conspiring to hide and dispose of her assets. It is clear from email evidence that she intended to appear penniless when damages are inevitably assessed in a lawsuit she will most certainly lose. In November, a judge granted permission for attorneys representing the victims to freeze her assets.
Kimkins survivors will not be satisfied by monetary compensation. For them, the lawsuit is only the beginning. What victims of the Kimkins diet is an end to the dangerous and deceptive program. As the Kimkins business continues profiting, victims continue a grassroots assault. Their blogs, websites, and forums are countless and growing stronger in membership everyday.


What Kimkins Victims Want You to Know


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