Dakota and the Kimkins Reformation?

Dakota521 on Kimkins Reformation

Dakota will apparently be on The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet on Tuesday, April 29 to discuss weight loss with HCG.

Ironically, in a search for other Mike and Juliet videos, she came across the information about the Kimkins Diet Scam, and it turns out that she is a former Kimkins member who was banned for asking questions that Kimmer did not want to have asked.

Dakota, we do hope that you will join the Kimkins Class Action Lawsuit.


UPDATED 4/29 ~ More from Dakota:

YouTube – Kimkins update

Enjoy your “free” membership, Dakota.  Please do your homework though.  I really hope you don’t let Heidi pull the wool over your eyes a second time.  Receiving a refund doesn’t make the diet safe, or erase the fraud involved.

Dakota says, “It’s not like she’s killed anyone”.  

Do we REALLY know that for sure?  With all the health issues involved with following the Kimkins Diet, one certainly can’t rule out that possibility. 



AvenueGirl responds to Dakota:

Affiliate Marketing Nightmares » A Message to Dakota


The Walls Are Closing IN on KIMKINS!


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