Kimkins Scam – No Foolin’!

When I first received this email, I thought it was an April Fool’s Day joke, as this website has long been an active Kimkins supporter.


Kimkins Scam

Posted: 01 Apr 2008 04:53 PM CDT

This story is about a woman who scammed overweight people out of hard earned money by promoting a diet based on lies and deception. Heidi Diaz aka Kimmer said she lost 198 pounds in 11 months eating low carb, low fat and low calories. She claimed to have the answer for fat weight loss. She charged for her “knowledge”. Over weight people lined up to pay the price to try the kimmer experiment.

“The Kimkins lean low carb plan is simple – less fat than Atkins, less carbs than South Beach and faster weight loss than Weight Watchers!” Her plan was a scam. She hadn’t lost any weight. The stories on her website were fake. She claimed her members were seeing the domino effect, (turbo weight loss) by finding real ketosis (appetite suppressant), to loose weight quickly. These “success stories” or “before & after photos” were stolen from Russian mail-order Bride sites. She fabricated them to intice overweight people into paying $79.95 for a lifetime membership. She banned members for questioning her (fake) photos, for seeking proof that her extreme weightloss diet was safe and not starvation mode. Some members feared damaging their metabolism with such an extreme diet.

Heidi is obese. The Kimkins diet is a sham! Her former partner hired a PI who proved that Heidi is obese, not just over weight. She lied about her turbo weight loss. This is the reason for stealing photos from others. No-one would have believed her on weight control had they known the truth. Kimmer should have promoted weight gaining diets, or diets to gain weight (the way she looks). She could have marketed weight gain tips, healthy weight gain -considering her obesity. However, she promoted a plan to loose weight fast, turbo weightloss, the fastest diet ever.

Her la weight lost diet was featured in Woman’s World magazine. 40,000 new members joined her site.

Over weight victims joined for turbo weight loss. Some found the diet to be impossible to follow. When members couldn’t reduce weight, Kimmer would say, lower carbs and fat more and measure that lettuce. Cut your calories and follow the plan as written. She would say “if you don’t want it badly enough, you won’t have success” at weight control and xtreme weigh loss. Pregnancy weight gain or body fat weight, neither one mattered – if you wanted to lose 10 pounds, lose 20 pounds or 200 pounds – you could do it (just like her and her members) by following her fat loss diets exactly “If you tweak it, it’s not Kimkins” was her motto.

Heidi would humiliate those who couldn’t follow her diet of 500 calories a day. She encouraged daily laxative use for “potty problems”. She said, laxatives keep you from gaining weight and show weight lost or weight control. She ridiculed who couldn’t stick to her diet to loose pounds. Knowing that she hadn’t done it, herself. She had, instead experienced fast weight gain and was gaining weight by eating sugar cookies with sprinkles.

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