Letter from John Tiedt

To Plaintiff Class Representatives
and Potential Class Members

Re: Fenderson, et al. v. Diaz, et al.

Dear Friends:

We have been quite busy with the discovery process and several law and motion
issues. The purpose of this letter is to bring you up to date.

Read the rest of the Letter from John Tiedt here:  class-letter-031308.pdf

Thank you, John, for sharing the news with all of us, and for ALL your hard work to see that justice is served in this case.

Folks, if you are a former member of Kimkins, and would like to be part of the Kimkins Class Action Lawsuit, be sure to visit the website for all the information.  Joining the Lawsuit, is very easy to do, plus there is a video to help you complete the related paperwork.


6 Responses

  1. Keep up the good work!

  2. Kimkin has ILLEGALLY used my cartoon artwork and infringed my copyright. I wonder if she realizes there is a $186,000 illegal copyright infringement that yshejust exposed yourself to?
    When I contact them, theylike tosay,”Your name wasn’t on it (it was obviously removed) or that someone sent it to you or whatever otherexcuse because the fact remains YOU KNOW IT’S NOT YOURS because you didn’t create it – I did.
    I’ve already taken a web shot of thesite so removing it now doesn’t mae the problem for you go away.
    I’d like to come to an percentage agreement of thecopyright infringement between your company and myself for judgement. We’ll need to discuss it.
    Dan Reynolds

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