Take Down Kimkins

The Kimkins Scam Blog is having a contest

for the 30 days prior to Valentine’s Day.



Each day there will be a different challenge

 in the ongoing effort to Take Down Kimkins

Be sure to check back daily to see what the challenge of the day will be!

Day 29 ~ Planetfeedback

Day 28 ~ National Association of Consumer Advocates (NACA)

Day 27 ~ ScamBusters.org

Day 26Social Security

Day 25 ~ U. S. Postal Service ~ Mail Fraud

Day 24 ~ Looks Too Good To Be True

Day 23 ~ The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights

Day 22 ~ IRS ~ Get the Tax Man after the Con Man

Day 21Call For Action

Super Bowl Special Challenge

Day 20 ~ Fraud.org

Day 19 ~ Article Land

Day 18 ~ Art Woo

Day 17 ~ RightArticle.com

Day 16 ~ Informational Healing

Day 15 ~ Awesome Articles.com

Day 14 ~ Reprint Content ~ even more weeds

Day 13 ~ ArticleBase ~ more weed pulling

Day 12 ~ ISnare ~ pulling weeds

Day 11 ~ My3cents.com

Day 10 ~ PissedConsumer.com 

Day 9 ~ Viewpoints.com 

Day 6 ~ Troubleshooter – part 2

Day 5 ~ Troubleshooter – part 1

Day 4 ~ Attorney Generals

Day 3 ~ FTC (File a Complaint with the FTC Video)

Day 2 ~ Complaints Board

Day 1 ~ Consumer Reports Webwatch


Yes, there are prizes!

But what better prize is there

than the satisfaction of knowing

that you helped bring Kimkins down?


Save a print screen for each submission.

Deadline for submitting entries ~ February 22

Winners will be announced ~ February 29

~ For more contest details ~


4 Responses

  1. […] you can witness, from the Take Down Kimkins Contest challenges, many article sites still have these posted. Once they are made aware of the scam, they are quickly […]

  2. […] “fight” against Heidi Diaz – (Kimkins diet fraud) there is plenty of help needed! Go to this website and read about how YOU can contribute to the […]

  3. […] the recent Take Down Kimkins Challenge, one of the many sites we contacted was ConsumerAffairs.com, a Web-based consumer news and resource […]

  4. […] Everyone who participated in this contest, whether it be by completing only one challenge or completing them all is actually a winner, because you all have helped to get us that much closer to our goal of Taking Kimkins Down! […]

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