Safe Low Carb Dieting for Weight Loss

From Jenny’s Blog:

Safe Low Carb Dieting for Weight Loss

I’ve gotten some mail from a few people who are very concerned about a scammy, dangerous diet that is being promoted in the media right now as being “low carb.” Without further publicizing the lying weasel profiting from that particular diet, I thought I’d share a few thoughts about how to construct a healthy low carb diet that you can eat, healthily, for years. I learned this stuff through participating for six years in online low carb discussion boards. I’ve listed some of the highlights below, but be sure to read the entire article here.

1. A low carb diet should not be a high protein diet.

2. A Low Carb Diet Should Be a High Fat Diet.

3. Supplement B Vitamins if You Cut Out Grains

4. Use Morton’s Salt Substitute to Replace Potassium

5. Eat LOTS of Greens and Berries.

6. Use Whey Protein Powder

7. It is Normal to Feel Edgy The First Week or Two

8. Take Advantage of Low Carb Beginner’s Luck

9. Cholesterol Rises Early in Most Effective Diets


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