We Need You!

Thank you, HoneyBee!  This is a great poster!

Folks, are you ready to join the fight?

Ok, so those of you who are eligible have joined the Lawsuit.  Thank you!

Now what can else we do?

What Can I DO to Help?

Take Action Now!

Stay tuned for the New Contest Coming Your Way!



 Together we CAN bring an end to it.

Remember, we ain’t done yet!



3 Responses

  1. Support our troops! LOL!

    Considering the Kimkins diet? Read this first: Kimkins Diet Scam Update.

  2. Support our tropps, LOL! Yes, more help is needed!

    Say no to Kimkins!

  3. please folk help do all you can to shut down Kimkins.com and stop Kimmer
    if you bought a membership please go http://kimkinslawsuit.wordpress.com/2007/11/15/download-the-affidavit-or-declaration-form/ and download the forms print them out get your siggy noterized and send them back

    Don’t let kimmer keep that $2 million she scammed y’all out of.

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