Blowing in the Wind?

This morning, Google Alerts announced there was a new post on the Kimkins Exhausted blog:

By yustyucky
Why is Amy continuing to promote Kimkins via her board & her youtube videos? How did the chicken lady really find out about Kimkins? Who really told Jeanessa that the fascination thread posters & anti-Kimkins bloggers are endangering …
The Lighter Side of BadBad –

but when I clicked on the link provided to read the rest of the post, I was redirected to this post:

Judging Amy

See what explanation Medusa proposes for this missing message.

I’ll let you know if I happen to hear anything from the Yust Yucky boys about what really happened, and what it really said.

In the meantime, it’s anyone’s guess as to why that post is now literally blowing in the wind.


2 Responses

  1. Hi. As you’ve probably read by now, the original “Blowing in the wind” post was a list of unsolve mysteries and unanswered questions.

    Stupidly we didn’t realize that by clicking the Save button in the midst of our usual compulsive editing, the unfinished post went on out to the subscribers.

    In the meantime, we continuing revising the post, and being in a hurry (it was late, we were tired, and we needed pizza) we decided to just post the part about Amy’s continued promotion of Kimkins — the available info is little and easily presentable, and it made a brief but interesting post.

    So we deleted the other stuff and changed the name of the post to “Judging Amy.” And clicked the Save button for the umpteenth time.

    And then the first email arrived from a fellow blogger who happened to be a subscriber to the blog.

    And the snafu snowballed from there, thanks mostly to our socially unacceptable sense of humor.

    Again we’re sorry for the confusion and are doing our best to set things to rights.


  2. PS we still haven’t gotten around to completing the original post but hope to have that up at the blog soon.

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