To All the Remaining Kimkins Members

An open letter to all the remaining Kimkins Members from Ladyred:


The Accolade

Friday, October 5, 2007

To All the Remaining Kimkins Members

I sincerely hope that I am speaking to myself and there are none of you left.

With the announcement from yesterday it seems pretty clear cut that the Bitch From Hell has sold you all down the river! She has split!! Most people seem to think that this is just a fictitious buyout so she can keep taking cash and giving her crappy diet advice. ME I am NOT SO SURE!

My God look at the scam she has managed to pull off! You think she couldn’t find someone to buy this business from her? Don’t be to sure there are plenty of other countries who don’t work with the US on matters of fraud or even indecency on the internet.

I happen to know since my own non profit organization is being used as a pawn to draw people to a pedophiles website. I can do nothing about it because they are in another country that does not care about the US laws. Why are they using my website? Because if has pictures of missing children on it. In fact they are using many of the missing child websites as a kind of shopping catalog for the pedophiles that frequent their website.

So don’t be to sure that Kimmer hasn’t managed to pull another fast one!! If you are still at Kimkins you need to get the hell out and stop defending someone who thinks you are no better than the dirt on her shoes, your loyalty has been used to keep this woman rocking and rolling in the bucks for many more months than she should have.


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