Kimkins former cover girl speaks out

Everyone, if you haven’t already, please be sure to visit Christin’s blog and view her touching and heartwrenching video where she discusses her health problems due to following the dreadful Kimkins diet. If this isn’t a death knell to that Kimkins organization then I don’t know what is. What else does it take to convince people that Kimmer aka Heidi Diaz is the devil personified??? Christin was the Woman’s World cover girl, one of the real so-called success stories and not some pilfered photos from across the internet as are most of Kimkins’ other Before and After phonies. Christin’s photos are what Heidi used to sell Kimkins and pimp it across the nation to unsuspecting dieters. And now Christin has not only left the company and disavowed any connection to them, but she’s come forward with very personal and intimate testimony about how much she damaged her health by following this diet and listening to this criminal, Heidi Diaz.

If that’s not enough, then go read Kimkins Survivors for more tales of illness and trauma brought about by this diet. It’s too real to ignore. There are those who proclaim that they are doing Kimkins safely – “safe Kimkins” means NOT doing Kimkins, so basically aren’t you just doing Atkins? Who are we kidding here? Why would you pay someone to do Atkins? Especially someone who obviously hasn’t dieted successfully in their own lifetime?

What is really fascinating about all of this is to consider what kind of psychological disorder one must have in order to pull this kind of scam. Does she get some sort of sick thrill out of making other overweight women suffer? Did she subconsciously wish she had the will to do a diet this strict, or any diet for that matter? Was she trying to do to them what she wanted someone to do to her, or perhaps what was done to her which resulted in her hair loss and thyroid problems? Or was it all just for the money? She saw an opportunity to run another scam and she went for it? I hate to think it was that simple but watch any news program and you’ll see similar or worse stories of man’s inhumanity to man, people committing wicked and vile acts against each other just for the money, so unfortunately, it is indeed possible. However, the fact that she targeted other women who were for the most part in the same boat as herself, and she deliberately mislead, manipulated and nearly destroyed them, that just speaks to a deeper psychotic problem of which we haven’t even scratched the surface. We can trumpet that she’s crazy until we’re blue in the face, but its obvious that imprisonment alone won’t fix Heidi. We need to dissect her (figuratively and literally) and get to the root of this mental deformation, and figure out how to cure it in our society. Maybe its just a symptom of everything else that’s wrong with our world today, everybody is after a buck at any cost.

It’s funny that one of Heidi’s associates, Jeanine Baltinger aka TippyToes, was also recently exposed as deliberately passing along a sugar-laden, diet stalling dessert recipe to a forum member who innocently requested a recipe for a low carb snack. Jeanine, overweight herself, gleefully revealed to someone else that she was doing this on purpose and wanted to see the victim’s weight “blow up”. Who would do this to another person? It appears that this type of behavior and desire to do harm permeates the entire Kimkins company and its not clear if Heidi infected those who work for her, or if that kind of evil heart just a prerequisite to be on her staff.

Whatever the case, I don’t mean for this to become another antiKimkins blog, however, I don’t mind reporting on it as I see fit because its such an important warning and I definitely want to help spread the word. So I’ll occasionally drop an entry here about the continuing efforts to bring down the Kimpire, and I encourage you all to stay up to date on this and help get the news out to your friends and loved ones, because Friends don’t let Friends do Kimkins!


Drive Thru Only: Kimkins former cover girl speaks out

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