The Skinny Website Apologizes

Apology For Kimkins Confusion

Hey everyone, I’d like to take a moment right now and apologize
for my ignorance over the Kimkins scam that went down over the
past couple of months. I would have NEVER kept any affiliate links
or linked to the diet in posts had I known that it was indeed proven
to be a scam and fraud.
After doing some research this morning, I have removed all affiliate
links and will no longer be mentioning or praising the diet in posts.
Sorry for any confusion, and I hope you all know that I have been
“out of the loop” on a lot of things over the past few months because
of constant traveling. I would never knowingly deceive or lie to people
on this website – I truly enjoy writing here and truly enjoy most of the
comments that come through.
Now, onto the celebrity weight gossip!

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