Kimkins Scam Background

There are lots of blogs that are covering the latest developments in the Kimkins Diet Scam, and you can find them listed in the blogrolls on this site.

Here’s some background information from

  • Part I – The Business Partnership Case Study (this post)
  • Part II – What is the Kimkins Diet and How Did Get Started?
  • Part III – Kimmer: Who Is She Really?
  • Part IV – The Early Days
  • Part V – Celebrities on Kimkins?
  • Part VI – The Partnership Buyout and the Post-Buyout Backstabbing
  • And here’s Kimmer’s first REAL “after” picture:

    It doesn’t make Kimmer’s “success story” sound so successful after all.

    Thank you to for sharing this with us, and thank you to the private investigator for getting to the bottom of this.

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